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My bestie Joi and I have been dying to do a Hunger Games/Effie Trinket inspired shoot ever since the movie came out, and this weekend we finally had the opportunity to do so! We took advantage of Effie’s quirky nature and her somewhat mysterious endeavor as main themes in this shoot. While Effie never really expresses how she feels on the inside about The Hunger Games and living in the Capitol, we wanted to re-interpret what we imagined her to be on the inside, but on the outside via styling. 

This is miles away from her usual pastel ensembles and saturated/sparkly pieces, but that’s the point. Joi and I think that’s just a cover up and wanted to focus on it instead of it being just a thought. 

Again, this is just our own interpretation of her character, there is really no right or wrong answer in this situation. It’s just fun to re-interpret such an interesting character

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The Enigmatic Effie Trinket by ~sorairo-days

A preview of our second look from our Hunger Games shoot! 



Eye glam



Snakeskin eyeshadow by Patrycja Dobrzeniecka

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This is final cover for my project for uni, which was produced in the style of Lula Magazine. I love Lula Magazine so to be able to recreate it was amazing. 

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend - Pastels 

Model & Makeup artist: Louise Hall

Stylist & Photographer: Louise Thomas

Stylist: Anna Siddiqui